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Tangshan Guoxin Jingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tangshan Guoxin Jingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. founded in 1990 and subordinate to the listed company Guoxin Micro (002049.SZ), a subordinate of Tsinghua Unigroup, is specialized in R&D, production and sales of quartz crystal resonators and quartz crystal oscillators. 


Products have been widely applied in many fields, such as network communication, automotive electronics, industry control, AI, medical equipment and IOT. 65% of our products have been exported to America, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Our company is the direct supporting supplier of international famous enterprises, domestic substitute of frequency components for domestic communication device manufacturers and one of the major suppliers of "new infrastructure". 


The company is the National Hi-tech Enterprise, National Key "Little Giant" Enterprise Featured with Specialization, Refinement, Differentiation, Innovation; the Provincial International Technology Cooperation Demonstration Enterprise, Provincial Manufacturer Winning the Champion in One Segmentation; Provincial Digital Economy Innovation Development Demonstration Enterprise, etc. The company has built many R&D platforms such as the provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial industry design center, the provincial industry technology institute, the provincial engineering laboratory and experiment center, etc., possesses nearly one hundred of patents and know-how and has hosted or participated in preparation of many national, industry and group standards.


The company adheres to the vision of "To be the leader of the ultra-stable frequency components ", specifies the mission of "providing the digital era with high-end frequency control components and building an intelligent world of IOE", insists on the technical route of "ultra-miniature, ultra-high frequency, and ultra-stabile" and the management route of "being automatic, Refinement,, digital and intelligent" and keeps up with the world advanced technical trend, trying to provide customers with one-stop services and full-scenario solutions. 

Guoxin Jingyuan
Guoxin Jingyuan
Guoxin Jingyuan
Guoxin Jingyuan
Guoxin Jingyuan
Guoxin Jingyuan

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Xinxing Electronic Industrial Park, Yutian County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province (No. 1008, Yuyue Road, Yutian County) 

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