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Development History

Development History

Over 30 years of development, Guoxin Jingyuan has made multiple achievements after going through hardships and difficulties. 

For future, Tangshan Guoxin Jingyuan adheres to the vision of "becoming a leading company of super-stable frequency components", specifies the mission of "providing the digital era with high-end frequency control components and building an intelligent world of IOE", insists on the technical route of "ultra-miniature, ultrahigh frequency, and ultra-stability" and the management route of "being automatic, lean, digital and intelligent" to strengthen its weaknesses and fills in gaps to make contributions to promoting realization of an advanced base and a modern industry chain of the information technology industry in China.

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Xinxing Electronic Industrial Park, Yutian County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province (No. 1008, Yuyue Road, Yutian County) 

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