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Guoxin Micro Was Rated as "2021 Best Employer of HR Digitalization"

Recently, HRTechChina, a leading Chinese vertical media platform in the HR technology field, announced 2021 Listing of HRTechChina Awards, aiming to commend excellent enterprises and individuals that promote China's HR technology development and keep exploring in this field. They are important benchmarks in the HR technology field. Relying on extraordinary performance in the HR digitalization field, Guoxin Micro was rated as "2021 Best Employer of HR Digitalization" again.   In 2021, a post-epidemic year, the acceleration of the HR digitalization progress affected the pattern of China's HR technology development. Through strict open collection, screening, and professional rating of the official organizing committee as well as strict audit, finally 64 of 358 corporate and individual candidates entered 2021 Listing of HRTechChina Awards.   Guoxin Micro Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guoxin Micro", SZ002049) is one of the largest domestic listed integrated circuit design companies. Taking intelligent chips as its core competitiveness, the Company takes a leading position in fields like intelligent security chip, high-reliability integrated circuit, quartz crystal frequency device and semiconductor power devices, and has extended products into many fields, such as finance, telecommunication, government affairs, auto, industrial internet, IoT, etc.   Adhering to the mission of "achieving customers with chips and jointly creating an intelligent world" and the vision of "leader of intelligent chips", the Company deeply explores in six major vertical fields, including "intelligent internet, intelligent industry, intelligent finance, intelligent city, intelligent live and intelligent traffic", devotes itself to building an intelligent industry ecosystem to empower all walks of life and create an intelligent world.   In 2021, the Company seized the precious strategic development opportunity in the industry, actively coped with external risk challenges, promoted rapid development of core businesses and realized substantial growth in performance. According to the 2021 annual report released by the Company, it realized a revenue of RMB 5.342 billion, up 63.35% YoY; the net profit of the parent company was RMB 1.954 billion, up 142.28% YoY. Both the revenue and the profit hitting a new high.   Over years, the performance of Guoxin Micro has grown steadily, the Company has been developing towards high-quality products and services, and HR has been one of the core competitive forces in its vigorous development. As the talent competition in the integrated circuit industry becomes increasingly fierce, the Company continues to improve its HR management level, actively implements digital development and promotes building of an innovative talent team. The Company diagnoses the organization with the HR Efficiency Dashboard to complete vertical depth value analysis and horizontal business drive analysis and thereby provide an important reference for the improvement of the management efficiency and the implementation of strategy decisions. The Company actively explores the "empowerment-type" HR management mode, builds the comprehensive incentive and development system, including broadband salary, diversified incentive, cloud classroom, career planning, employee care and so on, and enhances the team cohesiveness, so the stability rate of its core talents has been staying in front of the industry.   As a hi-tech company that possesses profound technical deposits, Guoxin Micro will strive to implement a broader employment concept, more in-depth digital innovation, higher corporate accountability and more humanized care about employees in the future HR building to manifest the Company's wisdom in management.

Jointly Build the Intelligent Traffic Industry Ecosystem Guoxin Micro Undertook the 18th Asia-Pacific Intelligent Traffic Sub-forum

As the achievement display and technical exchange platform featured with the highest level and the largest scale in the intelligent traffic industry in Asia-Pacific region, the 18th Asia-Pacific Intelligent Traffic Sub-forum was held in Chengdu of China on April 27. On the afternoon that day, the "Intelligent Traffic Ecosystem Security" Sub-forum undertaken by Guoxin Micro was successfully held and was chaired by Doctor Su Linlin, the Vice President of the Company.   Scholars, experts and representatives of famous colleges and universities, industry research institutes and famous Internet enterprises gathered on the Internet, including the Dean of School of Transportation Science and Engineering BUAA Professor Yang Shichun, the Deputy Director of CAICT Industrial Institute of Internet and IoT Mr. Luo Song, the Deputy Director of China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles and Standing Deputy General Manager of CICV Mr. Xin Keduo, the person in charge of Baidu APOLLO information security Mr. Liu Jianhao, et al. to exchange ideas about the latest technical research and application experience concerning the ecosystem in the intelligent traffic field and discussed about the latest development trend of the ecosystem security in the intelligent traffic field.   Doctor Su Linlin, the Vice President of Guoxin Micro, delivered a speech titled Terminal Hardware Security Protection of the Road Traffic System where she mainly elaborated the status quo of the terminal security of the road traffic system, sorting of terminal hardware security problems and terminal hardware security protection technologies. She said that intelligence and connection were important characteristics of intelligent roads, hundreds of millions of intelligent terminals had been connected into the IoT, and there were 0.218 billion IoT terminals in the Chinese intelligent traffic field in 2021. This brings new challenges to the management of the road traffic system. On one hand, a huge number of heterogeneous terminals increase the difficulty of unified standardization management; on the other hand, the terminal security level is generally low, so it is hard to resist attack.   Therefore, she suggested that we should attach high importance to the terminal information security risk in the IoT era, and we should not only take into consideration software security, but also solve hardware security threats. The aforesaid problems can be solved with a full series of hardware security products and solutions, such as chips, UICC card, modules, terminals, etc. In addition, safety interconnection of vehicles can be realized and infrastructure hardware security can be guaranteed by using active identification carriers.   As the product of efficient fusion of traffic transportation and information technology, intelligent traffic has been integrated with the green development of "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality" and the industry layout of Chinese intelligent manufacture represented by new infrastructure. China has successively released a series of policies on promoting development of the intelligent traffic. Guoxin Micro is willing to join hands with partners to deeply explore the application scenarios, create core values and build the intelligent traffic industry ecosystem featured with low carbon and sustainable development.

The Net Profit in the First Quarter Increased by 63.91% Guoxin Micro Realized Solid Growth

On April 25, Guoxin Micro released the 2022 Q1 Report. Within the report period, the Company realized a revenue of RMB 1.341 billion, up 40.83% YoY; the net profit of shareholders of the listed company was RMB 0.531 billion, up 63.91% YoY; basically earning per share was RMB 0.8744, up 63.90% YoY.   The downstream demand for special integrated circuit business surged. The Company guaranteed delivery of orders, realized rapid growth in performance, contributed profits steadily; the product quality kept improving, and the brand effect was highlighted, laying a solid foundation for long-term development of the Company.   In terms of the intelligent security chip business, the Company's technology, product and market competence kept increasing, and the overseas markets have become new growth poles. Tongxin Micro cooperated with Unicom Vsens and developed the 5G eSIM card, the first domestic Unicom 5G eSIM product that supports 5G profile downloading, networking of both SA and NSA and has been widely applied to CPE home gateway, AR/VR, on-board terminal, industrial internet and other fields. In the auto electronics field, many solutions based on Tongxin Micro security chip products, including T-BOX, V2X, eUICC, China 6 emission OBD and digital auto key, have been recognized by domestic leading auto enterprises and the industry alliance.   The semiconductor power device business witnessed positive effects in continuous R&D investment and market exploration, the business scale remained stable, and the management quality kept improving. As regards the crystal business, the small-scale, high-frequency and high-precision manufacture technology R&D work continued to proceed. High-end market segments were explored with great efforts, including network communication, IoT, auto electronics, industry control, etc.   In addition, based on the innovative product super SIM card, the Company and China Rainbow jointly released the super key solution, empowering rich application scenarios of intelligent lock and access control. The Company also worked with Tiankuan Technology to forge the double-domain security solution to mobile terminals to boost information security management in office of governmental enterprises and other key areas.   Ma Daojie, the President and CEO of Guoxin Micro, said that there were two main reasons for the Company's steady growth in the revenue and profit in the first quarter: on one hand, the integrated circuit business was prosperous, and the special integrated circuit business continued to create profits steadily; on the other hand, the profitability of the intelligent security chip business was improved steadily, and breakthroughs were made continuously in multiple application fields, such as mobile communication, financial payment, IoT, IoV, etc. In the future, the Company will firmly seize the strategic development of global economic transformation, continue to build the ecosystem of "One Body with Two Wings" and devotes itself to forging Guoxin Micro into a leading hi-tech enterprise featured with steady profitability and outstanding core competitiveness by means of independent innovation and ecological cooperation.
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