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    • TCXO SMD7050
    • TCXO SMD7050
    • Product Size 7.0mm*5.0mm*1.8mm
    • Frequency Range 2.048~170MHz
    • 1
    • TCXO-14
    • TCXO-14
    • Product Size 20.8mm*13.2mm*7.8mm
    • Frequency Range 2~125MHz
    • 1
    • TCXO-18
    • TCXO-18
    • Product Size 18.3mm*11.9mm*4.7mm
    • Frequency Range 2~40MHz
    • 1
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    Main products include quartz crystal resonators and quartz crystal oscillators. 


    Quartz crystal resonators and quartz crystal oscillators as the basic components composed of quartz crystal oscillators (i.e. resonators) featured with a piezoelectricity effect and extremely high quality and the oscillating circuit mainly provide the digital circuit system with the basic clock signal, provide base frequency signals in the communication system, keep the frequency between communication devices synchronized; provide clock signals in the digital circuit to drive logic operation and realize synchronous operation. 

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